Borrow - Loan Company Website Template

Internet banking, step into the future

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Borrow - Loan Company Website Template

Reliable, available and easy to access service

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Borrow - Loan Company Website Template

A smart bank for smart people

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Access to banking services

We are constantly investing in new Internet technologies and security technologies so that you can manage your finances online with ease. If you have a Legalebank account, you are already pre-registered to use the Internet banking for free.

Enhanced security

Access your customer area securely

Online payments

Complete all your transactions online

Access facility

We offer you quality services and easy access

24/7 assistance

Our personalized advisers are available around the clock

Company presentation

The OPTIC-BANK COMPANY Group develops its skills and know-how in the commercial banking trades

Company Vision & Mission

Committing daily to offer you quick access to our services and solutions that precisely meet your needs is our goal. Close to you, we are OPTIC-BANK COMPANY.

Our vision

To be the bank of the millennium. We maintain the idea of a large innovative bank, spreading across all continents and within which teem with talents that contribute to the development of populations. We see ourselves as a bank that feeds on the values of conviviality, self-giving, sharing and love.

Our mission

The group's mission is to participate in development through financial inclusion

Who are we

We are a mutual and universal financial group which draws its strength from the singularity of its values of solidarity and mutuality marked in its organization and its unique functioning.

Your online services

You can at any time, thanks to our banking applications, manage your online transactions and operations, while keeping an eye on the evolution of your account.

Our values

The interpretation of Values through the prism of Mission-Vision is as follows:


La proximité, c’est construire la proposition de valeur du Groupe en s’appuyant sur l’écoute et la compréhension des besoins et attentes des clients, collaborateurs et partenaires.


Performance means creating lasting value for customers, employees, shareholders and partners.

Performance translates into a commitment by everyone to realize the collective ambition of the Group.


Innovation means continuously reinventing the Group's value proposition, its operating and communication methods by cultivating its humility.

Innovation is creating an environment of trust conducive to the expression of creativity and daring.